Covid-19 Holiday Shopping Guide

Being a small business during the coronavirus crisis of 2020 has been an extraordinary challenge, and one which we all had hoped would be behind us by now.  However, staff shortages continue, as well as difficulty getting ingredients and packaging.  

In order to best serve you this Christmas, we encourage you to consider the following as you shop this year. 

1. Order early, choose a later shipping date.

Due to extra precautions, limited staffing and disruptions in our supply chain, putting your order together will likely take longer this year. Please consider shopping earlier than usual and putting instructions in the Comments section for shipping out at a later date.  Allow for your gift to arrive during the season, instead of trying to aim for a specific date.


2. Shop on our web site to place orders for curbside pickup, and follow the instructions therein.  As the wonderful busyness of the holiday season begins to escalate, we will not be able to take and fulfill Curbside Pickup orders over the phone.  Please remember that Curbside requires some advance notice, it is not the same as drive thru service.

3. Be flexible.  Please consider having a few different options for your gifts, or holiday treats.  Try something new, if your family favorite is not available.  Everything is handmade and we anticipate falling behind on some items, though we will always be doing our best.

4. Many things are out of our control, including the time it takes for your package to get from our shop to its destination.  A tracking number will be provided to you.  We will not have the staffing necessary to investigate any further than that.

5. Refunds will only be offered if there is something wrong with the item ordered.  We cannot be responsible for chocolates or candies ordered in error or incorrect addresses.  Please be sure of your order before submitting it to our web site.

Thank you for your understanding and continued support at this time.

The Len Libby Family