Store Update

Please Note:  We completely understand that you, or someone you love, is craving our chocolate, and that sometimes nothing but Len Libby will ever do.  However, during the summer months, we do not recommend mail ordering chocolate.  

If chocolate puddles and chocolate soup, made up of our signature chocolate and handmade fillings, sound perfectly delightful to you, please note the following:

We only ship on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday during these summer months.  Our ice packs are 48 hours ice packs and we use Priority Shipping, which, prior to COVID, was 2/3 day guarantee.  The post office does not currently guarantee that time frame.

If you choose to ship chocolate, please understand that our small, family business cannot refund or replace items that arrive melted and in poor condition.  We can tell you that it once the chocolate sets up again, it will still taste perfectly yummy, although it will still look a hot mess!

Please allow 24 hours for Curbside Pick Up.  If orders are placed on Saturday, items will not be ready until Monday.